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Apple Distinguished Educators. Google Certified Innovators. PBS Digital Innovators. Rock Star Teachers.

Our summit features amazing educators that will be hosting sessions that will expand your knowledge, your imagination, and your professional learning network.

Amy Brown

"Keep"ing Your Sanity
Tired of your students "tuning you out" when you are trying to give important information? This session will demonstrate how you can use Google Keep with your students to develop active note taking skills, use checklists for planning, drawing and writing for assignments or even assessment. This tool is useful for elementary students all the way through high school. Student examples will be shown along with video examples from my own classroom.

Carla Jefferson

Powerful Storytelling Through Podcasting
In today's digital age, audio recording is often overlooked as a mode through which students, teachers, and districts can tell their story. Learn how you can leverage the power of podcasting and see how it can break down barriers and establish / improve digital equity within your educational community.

Jon Corippo

Teach Better and Work Less: Eduprotocols
20 years ago, Jon Corippo decided he didn't want his career to be an endless procession of worksheets and textbooks. The Eduprotocol concept was born as part of Jon's belief that we need to do more than "get through the book" to measure our success. Jon will be sharing popular, tried-and-true lesson frames that are based on research-based practices like UDL, Design Thinking, and the 4Cs.

Goodness Daramola

This is for the Lazy Achiever
This workshop is for ambitious individuals who have a hard time getting from idea to execution.

Kurt Klynen

Raising The Bar for Professional Learning
Professional Development has become the dreaded time of year when administrators are thinking what is our “professional development” plan for the faculty around district mission and goals? In most cases faculty will attend sit and get lectures on creating engaging active learning in the classroom, the do and don’ts of educational policies, new technology initiatives, and hours of listening to the “experts”. Teachers rarely experience learning activities that allow for best practices and ideas to emerge and flow. As a team of 8 Apple Distinguished Educators at the fore front of change, we believe professional development in our schools can become more about a learning experience. We asked questions about why change is needed and necessary? We concluded that it is difficult to ask teachers to create active learning in the classroom if they themselves do not experience the learning in the same way. The real question is not what does learning look like but what does learning FEEL like? Our focus is innovative professional learning and our mission is to bring joy back to the learning experience through innovative practices that are shared, relevant, and meaningful. We believe collaboration, shared ideas, and experiencing learning contribute to the overall positive outlook of teaching and learning. This kind of professional learning is about experiences.

Michelle Joyce

Slides, Slides Everywhere Slides
Ways to use google slides to increase engagement and creativity in your classroom. We will go over how to create a slideshow and ideas to bring into your classroom. Google slides is a great tool for teachers and students. Students can demonstrate their learning in new and exciting ways.

Raquel Dias

Nutrition in Schools: A New Approach to help Students eat Healthily.
Nutritional recommendations can be tough to follow (and teach), mainly because we live in a time where the eating act is not natural anymore (or even pleasant). It looks like, more and more, we need "rules" to state what, how much and when we are "allowed" to eat and than, every day a new food becomes the villain and another hero.
But, what if the nutritional recommendations became more simple and easy to follow? What if we could make better choices, easily acknowledging what is real food? And what if we were taught to listen to our own bodies to learn more about nutrition?
Let's talk about how we can create a new approach about healthy eating, with feasible, teachable and useful strategies for everyone.

Tina Zita

Exploring Identity through Photography
In the age of selfies, Snapshat and Instagram, everyone is snapping pictures including our youngest friends in Kindergarten. As I share a bit about our journey with photography and identity, we will try out simple ideas you can take straight away to your classroom this fall or remix for another curriculum area.

Traci Espeland

Finding Your Tribe
Resources for finding a PLN who quite possibly live very far away from one’s location.

Anthony Johnson

Authentic Work for Authentic Audiences
Come and learn how a high school dropout has become an Apple Distinguished Educator. Technology in the classroom has changed the way educators teach, how students learn, and the way in which teachers and students communicate. It has proven itself to be vital in preparing students for success in a 21st century economy. Together we will collaborate on how to create an innovative classroom through a one-to-one digital learning initiative. Learn how to utilize Apple technology, Apple workflow, and apps on a daily basis and discover the impact it is having in the classroom.

Cathy Hunt

The heART of Education
Explore a practical and powerful perspective on creative technology integration with an action-packed ride through cross-curricular art-making from across the globe.

Move beyond the buzzwords and catch phrases; what does 'being creative' really mean? See real examples of successful, transferable projects, and artful teaching, from classrooms in every subject area.

Consider connections between art-making & making a difference, as we consider tra-digital approaches to the arts for all learners.

Dr. Samantha Lacy

Raising the Bar for English Language Learners
Participants will learn how to use various iOS applications to leverage the strengths of English language learners and enhance their linguistic development.

Jeffrey Powell

Improving Student Success with iPad and OER
I will talk about our iPad 1:1 /OER Initiative and how integrating the technology has improved student success and lowered cost.

Tresha Medina

Come Flo with Me
Flocabulary is more than cute Videos! Music and music creation can be used to help our students express themselves as well as personalize science, social studies, language, and mathematics.

R. Jason Smith

Google Classroom 101
Introduction and brief overview of how to effectively implement Google Classroom

Rachel and Steven Lamb

Virtual Team Teaching
Virtual Team Teaching, is a method where two or more geographically separated teachers collaborate to engage their students in continuous shared learning experiences and lessons during a school year.

Unlike distance education, online courses, one time projects, and traditional classroom teaching, continuous use of Virtual Team Teaching uses digital and web-based tools to enhance the collaborative nature of effective learning. By starting with shared goals, the teachers develop lesson plans and specific learning activities for their students. The students, with teacher guidance, then adapt web-based tools to facilitate their goals and the learning activities.‚Äč

Steve Bambury

The Key Benefits of VR in Education
In this session, VR pioneer Steve Bambury will explore the power, potential and purpose of virtual reality as a medium for creating transformational learning experiences.

Tracey Bryan

The Role of Schools in Preparing Students for Industry 4.0
The session will address technology as well as essential skills students need to meet the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities in the Industry 4.0 workplace.

Stacey Dallas Johnston

Be a Voice, Not an Echo
This session will focus on advocacy and how to leverage your unique skills, experiences, and stories.